12 Memes You'll Only Identify With If You're a Cancer

Buckle up, everyone—Cancers are taking over for the next month.

June 21 marks the start of Cancer season in the zodiac, and we've found the best way to celebrate all these emotional little nuggets.

Keep scrolling for 12 memes you'll only identify with if you're a Cancer.

1. We know all our Cancers are thriving right now:


2. Just get with it, okay?


3. Do not tell Cancers to calm down:


4. Cancers won't be hurt for long:

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5. Sounds about right:


6. All of this is way too scary:


7. Oh, but we really should:


8. Why even get up if there's no one to help?

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9. Do we have to go?


10. Well it kind of feels like one:


11. Honestly, it sounds reasonable:


12. Again, reasonable:

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