7 DIY Crab Gifts for the Cancer in Your Life

Cancer girls, it's your time to shine!

From now until July 22, we will be celebrating all that is special and unique about those who fall under the Cancer zodiac sign.

Looking for a thoughtful gift to show them how much you really care? Make them one of these seven DIY trinkets themed around their symbol the crab.


1. Crab Necklace

This clay creation is the perfect way for every Cancer to pay homage to their sign's spirit animal. Get started on crafting this accessory HERE.

Crab necklace DIY

(via Hello, Wonderful)

2. Crab Door Hanger

Being water signs, Cancers love spending their days by the ocean. Make the Cancer in your life this adorbs sign so they can hang it up to let everyone know they've hit the beach HERE.

Beach door hanger sign

(via All Kids Network)


3. Crab Pillow

If there's one thing this sign adores more than anything, it's being comfortable. You can't go wrong with making them a plushy pillow like the one below. Follow the detailed step-by-step instructions HERE.

DIY summer crab pillow

(via Polka Dot Chair)


4. Crab Fridge Magnets

Cancers are known for being clingy, but obviously in a cute way. And what keeps things in their place better than a magnet? Watch the video below to see how you can make these magnets.


5. Crab Stuffed Animal

Okay, this stuffed animal is too cute not to make! If you're a crochet master, this little crab is right up your alley. Follow the instructions to make it HERE.

Crochet crab stuffed animal

(via Repeat Crafter Me)


6. Crab Ring

Any Cancer would go crazy for this glittery crab ring. It's a simple way for them to show off their zodiac sign and it goes great with any outfit. Watch the video now to find out how you can make your own.


7. Crab Tote Bag

These beach babes need to have something with them to keep all their knickknacks safe. Clearly this tote bag is just what they need. Get started on this craft project by clicking play on the video below.


Whether you're a Cancer or not, it's important that you find the swimsuit that will look best on you for all your beach days. Rest assured your zodiac sign has already picked the bathing suit out for you HERE.