Show Off Your Candle Collection With These Instagram Captions

Raise your hand if you have a candle addiction!

Some people collect shoes and others collect boots, but we like to collect candles. Sound like you? Show off your collection! Here are some Instagram caption ideas to get you started.

For when you only buy non-toxic candles:

"I like my candles like I like my people… non-toxic."



For when your fave candle is lit:

"Nothing beats the smell of your favorite candle."


For when your candle collection is looking beautiful:

"The only thing getting lit this weekend is my candles."



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For when you have more candles than you know what to do with:

"Do you think I have too many candles?"


For when you snap a pic of your candles, fuzzy socks and coffee:

"Candles. Fuzzy socks. Coffee."



For when you want to show off your latest candle purchase:

"Spreading light and magic."


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For that photo of your twisty candles from Etsy:

"I'm twisted… like my candles."



For when you're well aware you have a lot of candles:

"Do I have too many candles? Yes. Am I going to continue buying candles? Also yes."


For when you like staying at home with your candles:

"I enjoy candles and like three people."


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For when you're lighting a new candle:

"It's lit."



For when you're enjoying a candlelit pizza meal:

"Feed me pizza and bring me candles."


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