5 Candle Companies You Need in Your Life Right Now

One of the easiest ways to add instant ambiance to any room is by lighting an expertly crafted candle.

With oodles of options out there, selecting the right candle for your vibe can be a little overwhelming. No worries, we've got you covered. After treating ourselves to a variety of candles for all of 2020, it's safe to say we know our stuff. Here are five candle companies sure to elevate your space and your mood.

1. Bijou Candles

Get excited to join The Candle Coven! Bijou Candles is owned by the incredibly creative, witty, and pop-culture-obsessed power couple Alaina and Jocelyn. Their comedic chops (they both come from an improv background) coupled with their gift for inventing unique, pop-culture-inspired scents make purchasing a candle from Bijou Candles an experience you'll never forget. With their opulent, bright vessels, expertly crafted scents, and pop culture influence, there's something for everyone. Some of my faves are Enya from The Mystics Collection (cleansing spa vibes), and Willow from The Coven Collection (like walking into a gorgeous library).


(via Bijou Candles)


2. Bright Black Candles

Bright Black Candles is owned by Tiffany, Dariel and their adorable daughter Elena. When skillfully crafting their custom-blended scents, their goal is to create candles that pay tribute to the beauty and complexity of Black culture. Each candle comes in a stunningly minimalistic matte black vessel, perfect for every room, along with a lid and gorgeous wooden wick. For indecisive people like us, they offer discovery sets with mini versions of each candle, so you can experience scents before committing to a larger size. Some of our faves are Salvador (it smells like you're in the lobby of a fancy hotel on vacation) and Paris, with its delicately sweet, floral blend.

Bright Black Candle Co Candles

(via Bright Black Candles)


3. Candles from the Hart

Hart Wilson, the 11-year-old owner of candle company Candles from The Hart is the definition of an entrepreneurial spirit. After a trip to Howard University, he declared it was his dream school and was determined to start his own business to fund his college education. The result? Lovely, hand-poured candles in a variety of luxurious scents from Tranquil Sea (like a beach vacation in a candle) to Guava Fresca. With their delicious scents, cute vessels, and inspiring story behind them, there's no doubt that Candles from the Hart is a must for any candle collection.Candles from the Hart Candle

(via Candles from the Hart)


4. The Sisters Stoned

When besties Keenan and Steven found themselves stuck at home in 2020, they decided to honor their love for yummy candles, pop culture, Bravo and queerness in beginning their totally fabulous candle company The Sisters Stoned. With their uber-long burn times, adorably unique labels, and huge range of scent options, you're sure to find the perfect candle for yourself and your loved ones. While all their scents are truly amazing, keep an eye out for their fall collection to treat yourself to the coziest autumnal vibes for PSL season.

The Sisters Stoned Housewives Candles

(via The Sisters Stoned)


5. One North Candle Co.

Owned by Tiffany Lo, the Los Angeles-based company One North Candle Co. is inspired by Tiffany's travels all around the world. From Capri to Iceland and beyond, each carefully crafted candle encapsulates the scents and essence of each location, transporting you from the comfort of your home. These lovely candles are also made with eco-friendly materials (coconut soy wax and recycled glass for the vessel—yes please), and the entire process of making them is focused on sustainability. By purchasing one, you're both looking out for yourself and the planet. We love to see it.

One North Candle Co. Capri Candle

(via One North Candle Co.)


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