These 5 Candles Will Transport You to the Ocean

One of the best smells in the world is fresh ocean air, period.

Salt, water, sand and wildlife make for one unique, distinct and hard-to-beat scent that we will never get over. If you're looking to bring a bit of that home with you, why not get a candle that reminds you of the beach? Even if you're land-locked and super far away from the coast, we think you still deserve that basking in the sun, ocean feeling. Below are our top five candle picks that will transport you straight to the ocean.

Bath & Body Works Open Sky 3-Wick Candle: $22.50

There's truly nothing better than lighting up a brand new Bath & Body Works candle, don't you think? One of their newest fragrances, Open Sky, just might be one of our favorites of all time. Featuring notes of blackberry, violet and vanilla, they all come together beautifully. It reminds us of open air at the beach.

Bath and Body works 3 wick candle

(via Bath & Body Works)


Mixture Cylinder Soy Candle in Sea Salt: $24.99

Sometimes you want a candle that is simple but smells great, and that's exactly what you get with this one from Mixture. Coming in their signature sea salt scent, this candle will make any room smell like the fresh ocean breeze. With notes of coconut, tropical fruit and tuberose, this fresh and salty candle is sure to put a smile on your face.


(via Made by Mixture)


Mr. Zogs Sex Wax Candle in Coconut: $10.99

If you're a surfer, you 100% know all about Mr. Zogs. The brand's famous surf sex wax comes in candle form and is something we would light up 24/7 if it were an option. The coconut scent is the OG and the only one you need to try. Trust us when we say this will make your home smell like the salty beach in the best way possible.


(via Amazon)


Broken Top Coastal Rainfall Soy Candle: $26

What do you get when you mix rain with the beach? Coastal rainfall! This soy candle from Broken Top channels that exact signature scent. With notes of the ocean, forest and rainfall all mixed into one glorious smell, and hints of cucumber and violet making a pop, this candle needs to go in your shopping cart.


(via Broken Top Candle Co.)


Voluspa Laguna Classic Candle: $30

When we think of luxe candles, our minds automatically go to Voluspa. With so many stunning scents to choose from, Laguna is by far one of our faves from the brand. With notes of sea salt, plumeria and coconut, it'll make your home smell like an oasis of fresh saltwater and the sand at Laguna Beach.


(via Voluspa)


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