Here's What Happened When I Tried the Candy Cane Eyeliner Trend

Another holiday means it's time for another whacky social media eyeliner trend! This time I'm trying out the candy cane eyeliner trend. I've done a ton of weird eyeliner experiments–like drawing flames on my eyes and mermaid scales–and believe me when I say eyeliner art is no joke. You have to have a steady hand, patience and a bit of an artistic touch to get these looks right.

I'm the girl who starts listening to holiday music before Thanksgiving, so you better believe I was stoked to try out this candy cane eyeliner. Plus it really didn't appear to be too hard. Below, read my thoughts on creating this look.

The Supplies

I read a bunch of different articles online to see what other beauty bloggers used to create this look. It seemed like everyone used liquid white eyeliner and liquid red eyeliner–which would have made this look really easy to do. I can do a pretty mean cat eye, so I was confident that I'd be able to do this look with ease.

The issue? I went to my local Walgreens, Rite Aid and Target in search of white and red liquid eyeliner to no avail, so I had to get crafty. I bought regular white pencil eyeliner, and then played around with different combos on my hand. Even though I had planned on putting the white on first and using the red to make stripes, I decided that using Kylie Cosmetics red matte lipstick  in Mary Jo was the best solution as it dried just like eyeliner.

Kylie Cosmetics Red Matte Lipstick

Test Candy cane eyeliner trend on hand

Red white eyeliner test


The Process

I used the lipstick wand to create a thick, red cat eye extending from the inner corner of my eyes to out past my lashes. This was surprisingly easier than I expected! I let the product dry for five minutes.

Red eyeliner candy cane eyeliner trend

Then I used my white eye pencil to create white stripes, but sadly the white pencil wasn't quite opaque enough, even though I let the red fully dry. I had to get resourceful, so I whipped out my Lorac pro shadow palette and used a small, stiff brush to apply the white Snow shadow color over the white lines. This definitely worked but then I had to go over the red again to make it really sharp.

Lorac white eyeshadow palette

Final Candy Cane eyeliner look

I also noticed this looked better after I put white shadow all over my lid up to the brow bone. I added on light matte face makeup and a matching red lip–after all it was lipstick in the first place–and voila!

Final Candy Cane eyeliner look


My Thoughts

Honestly this look wasn't hard, but mine didn't come out perfect. If you're seriously considering doing this look, I'd go ahead and order the right materials online so you have because it would have been way easier. Definitely don't rely on your local drug store or even Target! I also hate to say this but I think this looks better on people with darker skin tones. Since I am so pale, it was hard to get that dramatic candy cane white look because my skin is basically the same color. Would you try this look out?


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