What Your Candy Corn Eating Style Says About You

Candy corn is quite the controversial Halloween treat.

Some people love it, while others feel their gag reflex acting up at the slightest mention of these tiny kernels of sugar. And what's more, even those who like candy corn are very opinionated about the proper way to consume this spooky treat.

While we can't tackle all these candy corn-related issues, we do believe that your preferred method of consumption can say quite a bit about your personality.

Keep scrolling to see what your candy corn eating style says about you.

All at Once

You're a pretty laid-back and easygoing person. You don't over-analyze things too intensely, you just sort of go with the flow and see where things take you. While this gives you all kinds of mellow vibes, sometimes it can make you a little too chill. You have a tendency to be quite forgetful and unreliable, which can be very frustrating when your pals are counting on you. Still, you'd rather be overly carefree than overly stressed-out, so all-in-all your relaxed attitude works for you.


Starting at the Top/Bottom

You appreciate a certain sense of order to the things in your life. You wouldn't necessarily consider yourself Type-A, but you will admit that you like things done a certain way. You'll only eat your candy corn starting at one end or the other, and you even have an opinion about which end is better. Your strict candy corn process is indicative of the way you approach everything in your life—you have a plan that you know works and you're going to stick to it, despite what anyone else might say.


Strictly Separated by Colors

While eating your candy corn starting at one end or the other makes you a little inflexible, strictly separating your sugar kernel by color definitely makes you Type-A. Considering the time it takes to separate the white, yellow and orange sections of this tiny candy, are you even surprised? Order and structure are of the utmost importance to you, not just in your candy-eating but also in your general life. You're a "there's a place for everything and everything's in its place" type of person, and your massive amounts of discipline make you incredibly successful and ambitious, even if you do create a little too much stress for yourself sometimes.


One Color Only

If separating your candy corn by color makes you a disciplined and organized individual, then surely eating one color alone makes you one step beyond this inflexible behavior, right? Actually, no. If you only prefer to eat one color of your candy corn, you're actually a highly methodical and logical person. Sure, it takes a lot of time to separate the colors from each other, but if you know what you like isn't it worth a little extra effort? The one-color-eaters are expert problem-solvers who can see all potential sides of a difficult situation and find a solution that works for everyone. Conflict-resolution is your forte, whether it's in your actual life or simply in weeding out the candy corn elements you're not a fan of.



Did someone say structure? What's that? If you mash your candy corn into a messy pile before you eat it, you're not at all a fan of organized frameworks. In fact, you feel suffocated and nervous if you're told there's only one way to do things. You prefer to think outside of the box and find your own way to a solution, rather than just following what everyone else has done in the past. This might take you quite the roundabout way around a problem, but it can actually give you a much better understanding of what'really going on.

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Let It Dissolve

If you hold your candy corn in your mouth until it dissolves into little granules of sugar, you have to know that patience is one of your main virtues. You have a very tolerant mindset, and you don't ever get too flustered or upset, mostly because you know a solution will present itself eventually. In fact, your calming presence makes you one of the main sources of advice for all your close pals. People know they can talk to you about difficult subjects without fear that you'll lose your cool, which makes you quite an understanding and empathetic person.


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