A Definitive Ranking of Every Classic Capri Sun Flavor

Whether you still pack them for lunch or not, Capri Sun is a lunchbox classic.

With 14 different flavors, this sugary beverage has something to offer to everyone. But which flavor tops 'em all? I tried, and ranked every one of the drinks, from worst to the very best to find out.

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14. Grape

I'm not a fan of grape juice, period, so I'm super biased against this flavor. While I do think the Capri Sun treatment makes it a bit more palatable than the pure grape juice, I still think it's the very worst one.

Capri Sun- Grape

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13. Strawberry Kiwi

This is going to be controversial, but I've never liked strawberry and kiwi together. It may be a classic combination, but it's never worked for me. It even burns my throat a little going down. Needless to say, I'm not a fan.

Capri Sun- Strawberry Kiwi

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12. Orange

Orange Capri Sun sounds good in theory, but they don't really pull it off. It doesn't taste anything like real O.J., but isn't as sweetly satisfying as a Sunny Delight, either.

Capri Sun- Orange

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11. Strawberry

Removing the kiwi makes this drink better in my opinion—but not too much. In general, I think the single-fruit Capri Suns don't have a lot going for them.Capri Sun- Strawberry

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10. Lemonade

Capri Sun lemonade is an odd one. While it's lemony, it doesn't remind me of any traditional lemonade I've had. Instead, it reminds me of a lemon-flavored iced tea, if you took out the tea. Something about it tastes oddly artificial, but it's not horrible.

Capri Sun- Lemonade

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9. Splash Cooler

Because this Cooler heavily incorporates grape, it's my least favorite drink with that title. Still, the combo of apples, strawberries and raspberries is pretty palatable.

Capri Sun- Splash Cooler

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8. Red Berry

While the prevalent flavor in this drink is the strawberry, the addition of raspberries adds just enough complexity to make it way more drinkable. Basically, when it comes to Capri Sun flavors, more is more.


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7. Mountain Cooler

Mountain Cooler is the closest thing to straight apple juice in the Capri Sun lineup, but that isn't necessarily a bad thing. Like with the Red Berry, adding raspberry gives it that little something extra to make it taste so much better.

Capri Sun- Mountain Cooler

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6. Surfer Cooler

This flavor gets points for being so unusual. It's the only pear-based Cooler, so it's a little more subdued than the other Cooler drinks, but orange and pineapple give it some super tasty tropical notes.

Capri Sun- Surfer Cooler

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5. Wild Cherry

This is the exception to the rule that single-flavor Capri Suns aren't as good as the rest. It has a mellow flavor that I wouldn't exactly describe as "wild," but it goes down smooth and has just the right amount of sweetness to make it a go-to.

Capri Sun- Wild Cherry

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4. Coastal Cooler

While I can't stand strawberry and kiwi together, strawberry and banana are a different story entirely. It has a totally different vibe from the other Coolers on this list, but that banana flavor really works.

Capri Sun- Coastal Cooler

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3. Fruit Punch

I consider Fruit Punch the classic Capri Sun flavor. While a lot of Capri Sun flavors feel like lighter versions of what you're used to, this one actually tastes like traditional fruit punch. It's not necessarily the best, but with this flavor, you get exactly what you expect.

Capri Sun- Fruit Punch

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2. Tropical Punch

Fruit Punch may be a classic, but Tropical Punch is legendary. This flavor leans in to the island-y flavors of strawberry, lime, pineapple and orange to make one super delicious drink.

Capri Sun- Tropical Punch

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1. Pacific Cooler

The top spot has to go to Pacific Cooler. I'll forgive the inclusion of grape because the combination of apple, cherry and pineapple works so well. If you throw everything good about Capri Sun into one pouch, this is what you get.

Capri Sun-Pacific Cooler

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