9 Instagram Captions Perfect for Celebrating Any Capricorn's Birthday

Capricorn is well-known for being the hardest-working sign of the zodiac, but that doesn't mean that when their birthday rolls around they don't want to be celebrated.

In fact, the sign is all about adhering to time-honored traditions, and that includes birthday festivities. Even so, when it comes to wishing Capricorn a happy birthday, not just any old message will do. Stumped? We think the Cap in your life will love to be commemorated with one of these Instagram captions.

For the Cap who'll ignore a remark about their age in exchange for being called wise:

"Another year older, another year wiser."

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For the pic of Capricorn being delighted by the bizarre but functional gift they'll actually use.

"Now here's someone who understands the value of a practical gift."


For showing off the hand-baked cake that custom-loving Capricorn will adore:

"A traditional cake for a traditional Capricorn baby!"




For the fat stack of delicious new books you're gifting Capricorn for their big day:

"Birthdays are all about giving the gift of knowledge."


For celebrating their fierce independence:

"To the one who can do it all on their own—except for celebrate their birthday, of course."


For reminding them they're allowed to take a break from constantly working their butt off:

"Take the birthday off. You deserve it."


For when you're energized by the changing year to celebrate your favorite Capricorn's birthday:

"New year, new year of you!"


For recognizing a year of determination and accomplishments:

"You've come so far over the last year. Let's make the most of this birthday."


For that pic of the all-out prep work and decoration you've done to make the special day flawless:

"Because Capricorn demands perfection…"


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