What Your Capricorn Decan Reveals About You

Do you ever feel like the qualities of your zodiac sign don't quite describe you?

While there are a lot of factors that might be at play here, including your moon sign and your ascendant, your decan might also be to blame. Never heard of a decan? If you're a Capricorn, keep reading to find out what your birth date reveals about you.

What Exactly Is a Decan?

Understanding the decans is simplest when you think of the zodiac as a circle. The full zodiac consists of a 360° wheel, with each individual sign taking up 30° of that circle. Divide each sign into three segments, and you get 10° decans. It's said that those belonging to each decan within a sign have slightly different personality traits—explaining why two people who share zodiac signs sometimes don't act a thing like each other. Each decan is governed by a different planet, giving those born under it particular qualities. The first decan is usually associated with the most distilled version of that sign's traits, while the other two share traits with the other signs that share its ruling element.


Decan I – Dec. 22 to Dec. 31

Being the first Capricorn decan, those born between these dates are ruled by Saturn and have the purest Capricorn qualities. They are seriously dedicated to their work and are known for their ability to buckle down and focus in order to get things done, regardless of how difficult or frustrating they may be. They're known for their intelligence and their ability to take charge, leading others well and getting their ideas across effectively. However, they're also known for sticking to the rules and being quite strict with others, which can earn them a bad reputation for being bossy. They can also be quite impatient with people who waste their time, and even patronizing when they believe they know best. They're realists who put their ambitious goals first, and everything else second, and their diligence and patience mean they finish what they start.


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Decan II – Jan. 1 to Jan. 10

The second Capricorn decan is ruled by Venus, and thus shares traits with fellow earth sign Taurus. Though they're very hard-working, they also have a strong ability to balance their work and academic lives with strong friendships. They can be very single-minded and achieve anything they set out to do, whether that means finishing a project or building and maintaining relationships that last a lifetime. They're sociable and well-liked, and are known as loyal friends who occasionally like to pamper those they care about. They're very concerned with being stable and secure in life, whether that pertains to money, grades or relationships, and they put all their time and energy into fostering that confidence. They also can't stand letting people down, so they can be trusted and relied upon for just about anything. People come to them when they're in need, and for good reason.


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Decan III – Jan. 11 to Jan. 20

The third and final Capricorn decan is ruled by the planet Mercury, so it shares traits with earth sign Virgo. Mercury controls communication, so those born under the third decan are natural communicators and educators. They're also very logical and analytical thinkers who can size up any situation at a glance. They're perfectionists who care a lot about details, and can often get caught up in unimportant minutiae. They can also be overachievers and are sometimes seen by others as the teacher's pet. Though they can occasionally be shy, they can also make friends easily under the right circumstances, and have no difficulty being highly persuasive speakers. They're especially bright and studious, and their passion and ambition can help them find success in any area that interests them.


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