14 Harsh Memes About Capricorns That Are Definitely True

On Dec. 22, we switched into the ambitious season of Capricorn.

While Capricorns are known for being, ahem, not the easiest sign to get along with, this goal-oriented period of the zodiac is the perfect opportunity to focus on making your dreams a reality.

However, we can still laugh at all of Capricorn's negative traits while we use this energy to pursue our goals.

Keep scrolling for 14 harsh memes about Capricorns that are definitely true.

1. There is nothing worse than this:


2. It's not the most effective apology:


3. There's nothing to be done, must be time to give up:

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4. Ah, that's much better:


5. Way harsh, Tai:


5. Is that even a question?

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7. Does this mean it's time to set a date?


8. A sick day? What's that?

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9. At least they know what they're looking for:


10. There's just no way to win:


11. Better nip that in the bud:

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12. Nope, don't need this:



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