The 6 Capricorn Personality Types You'll Encounter in Life

Capricorns, born between Dec. 22 and Jan. 19, are best known for their ambition, dedication and maturity, but of course, that doesn't mean you can expect all Capricorns to act the same way.

There are all kinds of Caps out there, from leaders to learners, collaborators to artists, and in our humble opinions, they're all worth getting to know. Curious about the main types? Whether you're a Capricorn yourself, or have a few of them in your life, keep scrolling to discover the Capricorn archetypes you'll encounter in life.

The Boss

Certain Capricorns will quickly put themselves in charge in any situation, putting their natural sense of leadership and ability to communicate to great use. This type is usually very intelligent, with the dedication and work ethic to match. Their focus is unmatched, and when they have a problem in front of them, they'll get to work and solve it, no matter how hard things get. They tend to like order and sticking to the set rules, dislike when others bend them, and their tendency to tell others what to do gives them a reputation for being both bossy and patronizing. They always get the job done, and those who like more collaborative efforts might always like working with them.

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The Enthusiast

Many Capricorns, particularly those born in December with some Sagittarius tendencies, are known for combining their ambition with an incredible passion for what they do. These enthusiasts are optimistic and driven, and often have a very specialized area of interest and expertise that they love to practice as well as share with others. Because of their fiery excitement, they can sometimes get a bit impatient and even rude with others who don't share their passion, but they'll always seek out like-minded people in order to achieve their biggest dreams and make a real change in the world.


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The Teammate

While certain Capricorns are known for being independent and preferring to work alone, others are born collaborators. These teammate Capricorns are experts at knowing how to work with people, balancing friendship with hard work and making the best use of the strengths of every member of the party. Even when their main priority is completing a project, they never forget that each person working on it is an important piece of the puzzle, making sure no one gets left behind and being a very loyal and dependable pal in the process.

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The Artist

Even though Capricorns are known for being all work and no play, there are many incredible artists that fall under the sign. That may be because these incredible creators take their art very seriously, and as much as they love their craft and making something out of nothing, they never see what they do as just fun and games. Many actors, musicians and visual artists fall under this category, turning what others see as a pastime into their life's work.


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The Student

Capricorns love knowing more about something than anyone else in the room, which is why so many of them take roles in education and consider themselves great students. They think analytically and approach every situation logically, giving them powerful skills in both deductive reasoning and problem-solving. They can also be very detail-oriented, which sometimes gets them in trouble, as they can get stuck on unimportant details that prevent overall progress. Though others might see them as the ultimate overachievers, their true thirst for knowledge comes from within.

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The Guru

On the other side of the education coin, there's the guru. Many Capricorns are known for their sage wisdom, often giving off the impression that they're mentally much older than they are in reality. They know a lot, and they're always willing to take on the role of the educator and dispense their wisdom. You can usually count on them to give some great advice. They can tend to be a bit traditional and old-fashioned, but it always comes from a place of knowledge, and though they prefer to work within the confines of the rules and refuse to cut any corners, they're not too stubborn or proud to recognize a good idea when they hear one.


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