5 Things You Should Do Before the End of Capricorn Season

The season of Capricorn lasts from Dec. 22 to Jan. 20, and the grounded energy of this earth sign happens to make this the perfect time to make some big, important shifts in your life.

If you're not sure where to start, we have you covered. Here are the five things you should definitely do before the end of Capricorn season.

Challenge Yourself

Dedicated Capricorns always rise to the challenges in front of them, and during this time of the year, you might feel some of that grounded and hard-working energy coursing through you. If there's been something you've wanted but has felt just out of your reach, this is precisely the time to reach out and go for it. This might be the time to take on new responsibilities and grow as a person. You may also find yourself in a position to take on a role of leadership for the first time. But whatever you do, don't hold back.


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Create a Roadmap for the Year Ahead

Capricorns manage to accomplish the things they set their minds to because they're highly organized planners, and it could also be the perfect time to get your own plans in gear. Not only is the beginning of the year to perfect time to set out your itinerary, but the energy will also be right to focus and figure out what it is that you want in the 12 months ahead. Structure yourself, and channel that Capricorn practicality to make realistic goals. After all, you won't ever achieve the things you never set out to do, and you'll be much more likely to fulfill your dreams if they're set in stone. Look at where you want to get, and then break it down into the steps required to get there.


Look Up to Someone

Capricorns are natural-born leaders and advisors, and this winter, it would be wise to learn from those who learn more than you. Rather than taking charge yourself, you may find that it's just the time to find a mentor who can help you become the person you've always wanted to be. Work with someone you look up to, learn something new, ask for some advice, and let their guidance lead you on your way. The help of someone you respect will be beneficial far beyond the end of Capricorn season.


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Start a New Hobby

Each new season begins with a cardinal sign, and winter's cardinal sign is Capricorn. That means fresh starts and initiation, making this the perfect time to try new things and finally go after that interest you've been curious about, but keep putting off. If you haven't begun because you're worried that something won't stick, stop putting that pressure on yourself. This should be about trying new things, rather than making a lifelong commitment. If you wind up liking it, that's simply a bonus.


Create a Healthy Balance

During this time, you might find yourself caught up in Capricorn diligence and be working harder than ever, but it's also critical that you don't forget to let yourself breathe. You might be especially prone to burnout, so remember to schedule a little bit of time to do the things you love. When it seems like you're so close to the finish line, you might think that breaks aren't necessary, but they're actually essential. Believe it or not, letting yourself have a little fun along the way will rejuvenate your mind and make you better able to do all the things you dream of accomplishing. Balance is the path to success.


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