Why the Energy of Capricorn Season Is Conducive to Setting New Year's Resolutions That Stick

Struggling to set your New Year's resolutions?

Have we got some good news for you. On Dec. 21, the sun shifted into the season of Capricorn. While Capricorn comes with some solemn energy, it's also the perfect time to create your list of goals for the upcoming year.

Keep scrolling to find out why the energy of Capricorn season is conducive to setting New Year's resolutions that stick.

Capricorn Is Grounded

As an Earth sign, Capricorn energy is grounded. While you may be tempted to add lofty goals to your list of resolutions that you know you'll never accomplish, the energy of Capricorn will help you stick to what's realistic. Maybe you can't cut out Instagram altogether, but you can limit yourself to an hour a day on the app. Maybe you can't figure out your future career, but you can narrow down your list of colleges. Whatever your dreams might be, Capricorn will help you to focus on achievable goals that will actually lead to success. When you set objectives that don't feel entirely unattainable, you'll be much more likely to do what needs to be done to actually mark those resolutions off your list.

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Capricorn Is Practical

In addition to the grounded nature of this zodiac sign, Capricorns are also highly practical people. Although they're very ambitious and set grand goals for themselves, they realize they can't do everything at once. The practical energy of Capricorn season will help you to narrow down your list of goals and figure out what you should really focus on. If you add fifteen resolutions to your list, you'll struggle to accomplish each and every one. However, if you focus on five resolutions that really matter, you'll be able to put all your energy towards those objectives. The practical energy of Capricorn season will help you to realize what's really important and what you should ideally focus on in the new year.


Capricorn Focuses on the Foundation

Sometimes when we set New Year's goals, we think about where we want to end up, rather than what it takes to get there. For example, you may decide that you want to save a certain amount of money this year. But instead of figuring out what you need to cut back on, you simply write "save more money." With a vague goal like that, it's unlikely you'll actually be able to put more cash aside in the New Year.

Thankfully, Capricorn is all about the foundation. They understand that each element of your life builds on another, and that starting at the very bottom and working your way up will help you find success. With Capricorn's energy, you can focus on the root of the problem and create goals you can stick to, rather than ill-defined objectives that don't help you accomplish what you want. In Capricorn season, you might realize that the majority of your money goes to eating out. Then, you can write down the goal "eat out two times a week maximum." It still helps you save money, but it gives your resolution a clear path, which is much easier to follow than a simple directive to save money.

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Capricorn Wants You to Plan

Capricorns are all about responsibility, self-control and discipline. They believe the only way to get anywhere is by having a good plan. The energy of Capricorn season is literally begging you to look into the future and make a plan. While sitting down and writing down your New Year's goals seems daunting, the energy of Capricorn season is naturally guiding you towards your resolutions. Take a minute to sit down and think about what you want and you might find that your future plans flow more easily than they ever have before.


Capricorn Learns From Their Mistakes

More than many other zodiac signs, Capricorn knows how to learn from their mistakes. While half of the time they can be shameless know-it-alls, they're also capable of recognizing what does and doesn't work. If you've found that you fail to accomplish your New Year's resolutions year after year, Capricorn season is the perfect time to figure out what went wrong. Were you setting goals you just didn't care about? Were your objectives unattainable? Whatever the problem may be, the energy of Capricorn season will help you to figure it out. Once you identify why your past resolutions failed, you can make changes to your current goals that will actually help you to accomplish them.


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