Captain Marvel Superheroine Story Is Big Success!

Comic book author Kelly Sue DeConnick has brought a little-known female superhero called Captain Marvel back to the mix in a series of critically acclaimed new comics!Captain Marvel

Carol Danvers made her first comic book appearance in 1963, and when then known as Ms. Marvel.

Over the years, she has been a girl power symbol. In the summer of last year, new comics by Kelly Sue DeConnick had Danvers take on the role of Captain Marvel!

The new Captain Marvel is pilot and member of the Avengers. We hope that future Avengers films will feature her!

Author DeConnick set out to prove to the world not just that women do read comics, but that female superheroes can be just as intriguing to readers as their male counterparts.

Marvel also announced last month that female heroes She Hulk and Black Widow are getting their own solo comics!

DeConnick said Even though men are capable of writing complex and interesting female characters for female readers, it's important that women write comics too.

""We need you to be ready," she said in an interview with The Atlantic Wire. "You will need each other. You will make stories that make you feel connected to others and the world and we will need that from you. Don't be afraid. Start now."

Marvel also recently announced a new character who will be assuming the role of Ms. Marvel name Kamala Khan. She will be Marvel's first Muslim character headlining a comic of her own!

We think that Marvel are doing an amazing job with a more diverse and representative cast of characters, including more women!

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