10 Captions For All Your Daylight Saving Time Posts

Daylight Saving Time has come to an end.

It formally concludes at 2 a.m. on Sun., Nov. 4, meaning this weekend you can expect to "gain" an hour of sleep. Though that sounds great in theory, the extra hour can mess with your schedule and wreak havoc with meal time. Not to mention it will likely now be dark when you wake up in the morning, and dark when you head home from school or work.

Since you'll likely want to take to Instagram to share your frustration about Daylight Saving Time, we've got you covered in the caption department. Scroll down to check 'em out!

For that photo when you just can't get out of bed:

"You will never find anybody who can give you a clear and compelling reason why we observe daylight saving time."

-Dave Barry


For that photo showing how confused your pet is:

"The end of Daylight Saving Time: a week of waking up an hour early because pets can't tell time."



For that photo that shows what a pain in the butt Daylight Saving Time is:

"Sorry you wasted the extra hour you gained this weekend trying to figure out how to change all of the different clocks in your house."



For that honest photo about Daylight Savings Time:

"I hope that Daylight Savings Time hasn't thrown off your schedule of doing absolutely nothing."



For that photo of you and your significant other when Daylight Saving Time ends:

"Love prefers twilight to daylight."

-Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr.


For that photo that shows what Daylight Saving Time means for your ride:

"Daylight Saving Time: Now the clock in my car will be wrong for six months."


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For that snarky Daylight Saving Time photo:

"I love the end of fall when it gets dark by 4 p.m., said no one ever."



For that photo showing how tough Daylight Saving Time can be:

"Changing to Daylight Saving Time on Sunday should always be followed by a national holiday on Monday."



For that photo of a dark sky at 4 p.m.:

"How did it get so late so soon?"

-Dr. Seuss

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For that photo of you walking home in the dark:

"Raise your hand if you have ever felt personally victimized by Daylight Saving Time.



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