Captives: The Safe Lands Book Review!

Captives by Jill Willamson is the first book in The Safe Lands series. The three main characters are brothers Levi, Mason and Omar. The story switches between the points of view of the three brothers as well as Shaylinn, a girl from their village.Captives

Mason and his brothers live in the small town of Glenrock, a peaceful village made up of log homes. The city's population consists of only about four dozen people, and the town was only founded three generations ago.

Family ties and tradition are a large part of the Glenrock culture. Of the three, the oldest brother Levi is the only one who lives up to the expectations of their father and manages to be a "proper" boy.  He is strong, able to hunt and shoot a gun, and engaged to a lovely girl.

Unlike their elder brother, the extremely intelligent Mason is training to be a doctor, and Omar enjoys sketching and exploring rather than learning to fight. The younger two are often called "sissies" and are openly mocked by the town's elders. Omar is picked on by his own father, often in front of the entire population of Glenrock.

Near Glenrock lie the Safe Lands, guarded by massive walls that are level with the forest's trees. The people of the Safe Lands possess technology that surpasses the belief of those beyond the walls.

Their lives would be privileged and great, but there's one big problem. Every citizen is infected with a virus that transfers through blood and infects the immune system, slowly killing those that carry it. It also prevents women from having  children.

Not a single child has been born in the Safe Lands for more than three years. They begin looking for solutions, scared that their population will soon be decimated. Tales of uninfected people outside the walls are just a myth until people of the Safe Lands discover Omar.

Wanting to help, and believing that they will ask the people of Glenrock to relocate the Safe Lands, Omar tells them about where he lives and how to find him.

He is devastated when they instead take the women and younger boys from Glenrock by force, killing many of the elder men when they refuse to come along.

Levi, who was away from Glenrock during the ordeal, returns to his village to discover the horrible surprise that his family and friends have been taken away.

Levi makes it his mission to liberate his people from the Safe Lands and restore the peace the Glenrock used to enjoy.

Captives is an instant page-turner, providing an interesting world and exploring many thought-provoking topics. The three main characters and their differing personalities and thought processes make its easy for readers to relate to them on a personal level.

However, the story does touch on a few topics that may be a bit mature for young readers, so please consider this before reading the book.

We believe readers of popular dystopian fiction, including The Hunger Games and Divergent series, will really enjoy this book and its upcoming sequel Outcasts, which will be released on January 7th!

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