I Finally Tried That Bubbling Face Mask and It's As Weirdly Satisfying As You'd Expect

Last week while I was doing my daily YouTube patrol, I stumbled across a beauty channel where the host tried on a Carbon Bubble Clay Mask—ever heard of it? If not, let me fill you in on this Korean Beauty gem.

It's similar in appearance to a regular mud mask, only it's 1000+ times better because it contains thousands of carbonated bubbles that foam up on your face making you look like Michelin Man, IRL.

In addition to its awesome aesthetic, this product is supposed to do wonders to your skin by gently lifting out dirt and oil from deep inside your pores.

Sounds like a miracle product, right? See what happened when I tried the buzzed about trend myself, below:

The first step to beautifying my skin Michelin-style was to order the Bubble Clay Mask off of Amazon. There were loads of options and brands that sell this product, but I went with KBeautyNaturals version—it only costs $9.99!

Brittney With Bubble Clay Mask

Before I slathered the grey, gooey substance all over my skin, I made sure my face was clean and dry.

The consistency of this product was very light and fluffy, kind of like mousse, and the smell, well, it wasn't great—weirdly enough, it smelled like glue.

Bubble Clay Mask Container

Once the mask was on, I quickly snapped a picture of myself so you could see what it looked like lying flat on my face before the foaming kicked in.

Brittney after putting Bubble Clay Mask on

The instructions on the Bubble Clay Mask container explain that you should wait 5-10 minutes before you rinse off the mask, so I sat myself down in front of the mirror and checked in periodically to see how my face would evolve.

Below you can see the foaming action at two minutes, six minutes and eight minutes.

How do I look?

Progression of Bubble Face Mask

After 10 minutes of letting this bad guy dry, I had a full puffy face.

Those YouTube beauty videos did not lie—this Bubble Face Mask works, and work wonders. Just think of all the wonderful Snap and Insta pictures you can get with this face:

Bubble Face Mask on Brittney

Several pictures later, I rinsed the mask off (which was surprisingly easy) and felt my fresh face.

The mask left my skin feeling clean and soft. You can't really ask for much more in a skincare product.

Would I recommend this fun Korean beauty product? Of course. Not only is it trendy and fun to play with, it really works.

If you're looking for a new mask to add into your beauty routine, it might as well be this one! Who says skincare can't be fun? Certainly not the maker of this product.


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