7 Career Paths to Consider if STEM Just Isn't for You

It's an unfortunate fact of life that so many of us were raised being told that we could be "whatever we want" to be when we grow up, while simultaneously being taught that certain paths are considered more successful, respect-worthy and money-making than others. The jobs in those categories were typically those in the STEM field of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

Here's the thing, though—while you should absolutely be able to pursue a career in STEM if it's what genuinely interests you and is something you could see yourself doing in the long run, you also shouldn't feel the need to go down that path if it just isn't for you. Some of us really aren't meant for the STEM world no matter how hard we try, and that's nothing to be ashamed or disappointed about! There are so many career paths out there to consider—a practically endless list, really—so there's no need to choose one that doesn't suit you or makes you unhappy. Instead, consider one of these career paths that you might want to pursue if STEM just isn't for you.

1. Marketing

Marketing is such a diverse field that there's practically a job in the industry for anyone. From content writing to account management and everything in between, there's a role for almost every passion and natural skill-set. If you're obsessed with stalking all your favorite brands on social media or just have a natural love for writing, it might be a path to consider. Plus, plenty of marketing jobs these days allow employees to work remotely, so you don't necessarily need to be stuck in an office all day. If you're big on the writing part, though, you might also want to consider the field of journalism—another honorable mention on this list.


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2. Health/Fitness

The health and fitness industry is another diverse one, one that can be a lot more hands-on if sitting at a desk typing or on Zoom calls all day isn't your thing. Sure, some health jobs do fall into the STEM field, but we're talking more about things like personal training, gym management, nutrition specialties and other health-related jobs that mostly exist outside of the clinical setting. If you're a gym fiend, a varsity sports star or just have a whole lot of interest in health and nutrition, you should look into some careers in the field.


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3. Sales

If you're a certified people person (and probably an extrovert) that feels like you can charm your way through any room, you might just be a sales star. The best thing about this career path is the genuine human connections you can make along the way, as the best sales are made when you truly connect with your customer. Plus, the field can apply to a whole wealth of jobs, from retail to medical device sales and all sorts of things in between. Plus, this career typically allows you to make commissions, AKA more cash in your pocket as a direct reward for your hard work.


4. Public Relations/HR

Another option for the extroverts amongst us would be anything in the public relations or human resources field. These jobs can range way into the high-paying category, and they're all about managing employee relations and overall happiness. Sure, it involves a whole lot of admin work, but it's a necessary part of the workforce that some people naturally excel at.


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5. Law

Are you the star of your school's debate team, or maybe just the star of winning every argument you start at dinner with your siblings? If so, you might just be a future lawyer. Law is an extremely respected career path and another one that can be super varied in nature. While law school can be intense (and sadly not as easy to get into as Elle Woods made it seem in Legally Blonde), it can be worth it in the end if you have a drive for defending those who need to be defended. And, of course, just getting to make impressive speeches to courtrooms.


6. Education

Teachers deserve all the respect in the world, as they truly are responsible for shaping future generations. Whether you go for elementary education or continue on in academia all the way to becoming a professor, education is another excellent non-STEM career path to consider that also allows you to incorporate your other interests into the mix (after all, you could choose to be anything from an art teacher to an English professor or any other subject under the sun).


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7. Hospitality

Do you love organizing parties for your friends, hosting dinners at your dorm or just the feeling of staying at a nice hotel with everything organized perfectly for you? If so, you might want to consider a career in the hospitality field. This is another wide-ranging industry, as it technically includes everything from servers and bartenders to hotel managers and wedding planners. As long as you're the kind of person who's good at staying organized and helping others through times of minor crises (wedding planners do have to deal with the occasional "bridezilla" after all), you might just be a great addition to this field.


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