Why Soccer Star Carli Lloyd Should Be Your #WCW

Major props have to go out to Team USA, who beat Japan in the Women's World Cup finals on Sunday, July 5. While all the girls played their hearts out, there was one in particular who proved just what it means to play like a girl. That would be none other than Carli Lloyd, so we saw it fitting to make her our #WCW this week.

Carli and her teammates made history by becoming the first team to win the Women's World Cup three times and by being a part of the highest-scoring final game EVER.

Carli also made history herself by becoming the only female player to score a hat trick in a Women's World Cup final match. That means she scored three goals for her team, one of which she scored from halfway across the field. Can you say beast?

Not to mention she scored all three of her goals in the first 16 minutes of the game. No other player has done this in the history of both Men's and Women's World Cup games. The girl is literally a superhuman.

But one of the coolest things Carli did during the final 10 minutes of the game was pass along her coveted captain's armband to her teammate Abby Wambach. It was Abby's final World Cup appearance and Carli wanted to make sure Abby knew she will always mean a lot to Team USA. She's literally the textbook definition of a team player.

Plus, she knows just the right way to celebrate a huge win. Apparently, pizza is now the breakfast of champions.

Carli trains ridiculously hard to be as good as she is, though. Scoring all those goals doesn't just happen because of luck.

And she posts the best words of wisdom on her Instagram to get you through the day.

BONUS! She's also a fan of John Green.

Oh, and we can't forget to mention how awesome she is with fans. Your support means so much to her and the rest of the girls on Team USA.

How does Carli inspire you? Tell us in the comments below.