Carly Rae Jepsen is Coming to The Ellen Show!!

Justin Bieber's young prodigy Carly Rae Jepsen, singer of the viral hit "Call Me Maybe", will be making an appearance on The Ellen Show on March 23rd!

There was quite a string of funny tweets surrounding this March 23rd appearance. It started with Scooter Braun tweeting, "Hey @carlyraejepsen I just got a phone call from my friend @TheEllenShow. I think you are going to be very Happy!"

Carly followed this up with this tweet: "OMG. It's official. March 22nd see you on @TheEllenShow …I better practice my tap dancing. Yup."

Noticing her mistake, she retweeted – "Make that March 23rd @TheEllenShow So stoked."

Ellen, being her usual hysterical self, tweeted back to Carly "If you don't know what day you're coming, call me maybe. RT @carlyraejepsen Make that March 23rd @TheEllenShow So stoked."

We love Ellen! Can't wait to see Carly Rae on the show for her first appearance!