Carmex Nabs Zendaya As New Spokesperson!

Zendaya has announced that she is the new spokesperson for Carmex!Zendaya Carmex

Zendaya made the announcement from New York City, where she's been hanging out for New York Fashion Week. She also took a photo from her hotel room showing off her Moisture Plus Chic lip balm!

"So excited to announce I'm their new spokesperson!" Zendaya wrote on her Instagram page.

Carmex Moisture Plus lip balm comes in a thin lipstick style with fashion-forward patterns! The tubes come in "adventurous" leopard print, "whimsical" confetti stream, "chic" black and white houndstooth, "fab" purple polka-dots and "starlet" chevron.

"I use Carmex every day, so I'm excited to work with the brand on its new Moisture Plus fashion line of lip balm," Zendaya in a press release. "Lip care is an important part of my daily beauty regimen, so it's fun to have a lip balm that fits my style."

She also asked Zswaggers about their Carmex personalities! Tell us your Carmex personality below, whether you are chic, adventurous, whimsical, starlet or fab, and join our community of Zendaya fans at Sweety High!