Here's Everything You Should Know About Singer-Songwriter Caroline Kole

Even at 22, singer-songwriter Caroline Kole is already a veteran in the music industry, and her more than a decade of experience shows in the artistry of the music she makes.

This week, Sweety High chatted with Caroline about all the random and interesting trivia that makes her who she is. Keep reading to discover everything you need to know about the artist.

Caroline Kole woman crush Wednesday

(Photo credit: Rachel Deeb)

Name: Caroline Kudelko

Hometown: Clearwater, Floria

Birthday: July 2

Zodiac sign: Cancer

Fun Facts:

1. When it comes to movies, Caroline adores all kinds of genres—with one major exception.

"I love anything with Will Ferrell, chick flicks, Hallmark Christmas movies on the Hallmark channel and Frozen! No scary movies allowed because I legit will not sleep for weeks."

-Caroline Kole

2. She's been a performer in the music industry since she was 9, and since then, she's shared some really special moments with fans.

"Whether it's pictures of us, Nutella that fans bring me, or stuffed animals from Minnesota, I keep them all—well, I ate the Nutella, but you know what I mean! But overall, the best fan encounters are the recurring ones. I have a Facebook Group with the fans that have become friends and been there since day one, literally since I was 9, and they have the blackmail-worthy pictures to prove it. The fact that they have stuck with me this long and through a genre change fills me with a gratitude I can't describe. I love them with my whole heart. I'd do anything in the world for them, and I know they'd do that for me, too."

-Caroline Kole

3. She's constantly stumbling upon new obsessions, and she loves sharing them with others, which is why she started a YouTube series called "CK Faves."

"In every episode of the series, I focus on three things I'm super loving. I even bring friends on to discuss some of their favorite things. In my first episode, I talk about ImPress Nails, and they're definitely one of my go-to things."

-Caroline Kole

4. She is all about cookies, and loves pretty much every variety besides oatmeal raisin (which she finds totally gross).

5. She can't stop watching Shane Dawson and Emma Chamberlain on YouTube.

6. She loves dresses because they're comfy and easy to wear.

"Especially during the summertime, dresses are the perfect way to stay cool while looking put together. I can't tell you how often I oversleep and find myself rushing to get out the door. When I throw on a dress and some red lipstick, people think I know what I'm doing. #Lifehack.

-Caroline Kole

7. When she steps into a super cold room, she'll get goosebumps on her face.

8. As much as Caroline loves rocking bold colors on her nails, her favorite shades are actually quite neutral.

"My personal favorite is Essie's 'Topless and Barefoot.' It's my exact skin tone and I feel like it makes my hands look longer. That sounds weird, but I have short and stubby hands, so I like the length it creates!

-Caroline Kole


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