Here's What Carrie Underwood Wishes She Knew as a Teen

Being a teen ain't easy!

Anyone who has gone through their teenage years knows it can be tough. Between friends, cliques, stressful classes, parents, dating, college applications and after school activities, high school isn't a walk in the park, even for mega superstars like Carrie Underwood!

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"I remember being overly dramatic about some things," Carrie tells Sweety High of her high school years. "There are a lot of things that seemed really important at the time, but when I look at the big picture, they didn't end up being important. Looking back I now think to myself, 'Did that matter?' I look where I'm at now and how happy I am with an amazing family and friends—you grow up and find your way and it will all be okay."

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Good words to live by! Sometimes it's hard to remember that nothing is permanent and the only thing that's certain is that things will change.

When Carrie's not on stage singing our fave country tunes or giving us wise words of advice on our formative years, you can catch her at the gym.

"I like working out and I like seeing progress," she says. "I love feeling strong, working out is my me-time."

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We spent the day with Carrie in Malibu, California, to celebrate her fitness line CALIA by Carrie Underwood, which is sold exclusively at Dick's Sporting Goods. The line has a little something for everyone, with a mix of vibrant colors and prints inspired by the Caribbean for their summer collection.

Calia by Carrie Underwood Summer Collection

Carrie Underwood Calia by Carrie Underwood

From her killer vocals and high-impact workouts, to her super cute workout gear, Carrie is such a role model. So whenever you're feeling down on yourself or feel like your world is falling apart (trust, we've all been there), remember Carrie's words and remind yourself of the bigger picture—because we all need little reminders sometimes.

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