Carry On By Olivia Holt To Be Featured In Bears!

Olivia Holt's newest single is "Carry On," and will be featured in the upcoming Disneynature movie Bears!Olivia Holt Carry On Bears

The new video doesn't just demonstrate Olivia's incredible talents as a singer, but also gets us super excited about the upcoming movie!

The "Carry On" music video showcases incredible footage of precious bear cubs and their protective mom in their natural environments, with snowy mountains, grassy plains, and sandy river beaches where they hunt for salmon.

Similarly, Olivia brings the video to life as she sings against the bears' landscapes.

"Carry On" is a song about facing adversity and rising back up every time you fall! We adore this message of carrying on and always surviving, and feel like it will really suit the film, which premieres April 18in theaters across the country!

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