Once in a while, we all need a little pick me up—a feel-good track that can get us through any bad day.

Carson Luedersnew song “Feels Good” is exactly that and he told us all about it in a recent interview.

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Artist: Carson Lueders

Single: “Feels Good”

What it means: “I just wanted a song that is a reflection of who I am, my style and my interests. I wanted to write a song that would be an uplifting kind of message that everyone can relate with. I think it really shows who I am as an artist.”

Favorite filming moment: “I like the whole video, because it shows what I like to do in a typical day of my life—basketball, dance, skateboard, shoe shop, and meet fans. If I had to pick, I’d say shooting the basketball scene was the most fun.”

What he’s been up to: “I’ve been continuing to work on my music through recording, making videos and performing at events and shows. I’ve also been doing some hosting on red carpet events.”

What “feels good” in Carson’s life: “It feels good to get new music out. It feels good to make more progress everyday. It feels good to have so many people out there supporting and believing in me!”

What’s next: “A lot more music coming out this summer!”


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