If You Can't Commit to One Phone Case, THIS Is the Subscription Box for You

It's hard enough deciding what to eat for dinner every night—how am I supposed to choose how to permanently adorn my cell phone?

They say hair is your best accessory (which, okay, fine), but I've gotta say your phone case isn't too far behind. It's with you all the time, and out for everyone to see. You can't just cover it with any ol' decor.

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That's where Casely comes in. The company, co-founded by 22-year-old Mark Stallings, sells a subscription box dedicated solely to iPhone cases. For the indecisive consumer like me, Casely offers either monthly or quarterly subscriptions that deliver a fresh case (either of your choice or picked at random) for only $15 per box (should you not want to purchase just one of their individual cases for $24).

A representative from the company offered to send me the case of my choice to help me review how the service works, and I happily accepted.

The Product

Off the bat, I was amazed at the product selection. If there's a cell phone design, theme or texture out there, it's encompassed in Casely's offerings. When I had the option to select the case of my choice, I went back and forth between a handful. The company develops new cases year 'round, and members have access to exclusive designs.

While there's some seriously intricate, eye-catching artwork on many of these cases, I ultimately decided upon a heavy-duty, solid-colored case with shades of two contrasting pinks. Simple? Yes. But cute and girlie no less, and has the protection someone like me absolutely needs for their phone.




I was pleased to find that when my phone case arrived, it looked just as I imagined from the photo on Casely's website. It was incredibly easy to slip on, and as an added bonus, it paired perfectly with my pink Sweety High PopSocket. I will say, my phone does feel a bit heavier than when I had my former case, but for me, that's not a bad thing. It's easier to find in my bags and harder to drop. My previous case was almost triple the price of a Casely product, and it ended up falling apart only a couple months in. The case I have now feels super sturdy—and while there are no fancy frills, I think it suits me perfectly.




Bottom Line

For anyone indecisive, Casely is a must. Also, phone cases are an excellent icebreaker, so to have a new, eye-catching accessory each month is sure to get people talking. I know that the case I carry in January, for example, is going to differ from what I'll want to have with me during Coachella, and much different from what I'll use when pumpkin season kicks off.

Also, wear and tear and bacteria are important things to keep in mind when it comes to phone cases. Keeping the same one on all year can be a hygiene hazard, as well as a possible protection hindrance if the case weakens over time. The cost of $15 a month may equal a tiny sum by the end of the year, but worst-case scenario, you sell the cases you don't want anymore, or you swap with friends.

As a reminder, the cases are only for iPhone users, which is unfortunate for some—but an added bonus is each Casely purchase goes toward their #EveryCaseCounts, initiative, in which the company selects a different charity each month and donates proceeds from sales to the organization. This month's charity is Camp Casco for Pediatric Cancer Survivors.

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