Exclusive: Pop Singer Casey Baer Premieres 'Hold On' Music Video

If you're crushing on someone who constantly leaves you confused, Casey Baer has felt your pain.

The pop singer wrote her latest track, "Hold On," based on someone who always kept her guessing—which eventually led her to say goodbye once and for all.


(Photo courtesy of Casey Baer)

"'Hold On' was inspired by a crush I had on this guy I was seeing," Casey tells Sweety High. "The phrase 'hold on' kept popping up in my head because of the constant struggle of knowing when to hold on and when to let go; when to reach out and when to pull back. I realized, in the end, it was best for me to let go."

Casey released "Hold On" as a single July 30, and we get to be the lucky ones premiering her music video exclusively!

"'What I love most about writing my own music is I can share my stories with my fans," the singer says. "I truly hope that I can help with anything that they're going through by making them feel that they're not alone and it's normal to go through things. Music helped me in the hardest time in my life, where I just felt stuck and knocked down. I still rely on music every single day."


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