Everything You Wanted to Know About 'Bad Dream' Singer-Songwriter Casey Bishop

Rock singer-songwriter Casey Bishop first won our hearts on American Idol last year, making it all the way to the final four, and with the release of her self-titled debut EP, out today, it's clear she hasn't lost any steam since then.

The 17-year-old artist has been quite busy this year, with hard-hitting singles including "Blurry Vision," "Don't Talk!" and our personal favorite "Bad Dream," and they're all part of the edgy yet vulnerable six-track EP. We happen to think it's a must-listen, and if you adore Casey as much as we do, keep scrolling to discover everything we learned about her as our latest Woman Crush Wednesday.

Casey Bishop trivia Woman Crush Wednesday

(Photo credit: Xavier Luggage)

Name: Casey Bishop

Hometown: Fort Myers, Florida

Birthday: February 9

Zodiac sign: Aquarius

Fun Facts:

1. Casey would love for Jenna Ortega to play her in a movie about her life.

"A lot of people think that we are doppelgängers."

-Casey Bishop

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2. She can belch on command.

3. She'd love to learn how to play both the piano and drums one day.

4. If she could only shop at one place, she'd pick Zumiez.


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5. Her favorite concert ever was seeing ZZ Top perform with Cheap Trick. She was super close to the stage, and she says they sounded amazing.

"I remember the lead singer of Cheap Trick, Robin Zander, (barely) looked at me and I was freaking out over it."

-Casey Bishop

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6. Hey biggest guilty pleasure is drinking pickle juice.

7. You may not guess it, but she's actually a huge fan of both Harry Styles and Taylor Swift.


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8. White is her go-to nail polish color.

"It matches with everything and just gives a really clean look."

-Casey Bishop

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9. She thinks she'd be terrible at any job that has to do with math.

10. She absolutely couldn't live without mascara.


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