Cash Dash App Features Cameron, Nash and More!

Cash Dash is an addictive new app for iPhone and iPad featuring none other than social stars Cameron Dallas, Carter Reynolds and brothers Hayes and Nash Grier as playable characters!Cash Dash Cameron Dallas Nash Grier App

The game is a platformer that sends players across treacherous levels where they must avoid obstacles like lava and spikes as well as enemies such as mummies and boulder-throwing monsters.

In order to survive, the player must climb vines and navigate the level by jumping over traps and enemies, as well as shooting magical waves from their cell phone. Fans of Cameron, Carter, Hayes and Nash will love the "Yeet!" sound this makes!

Along the way, you can also collect gems to increase your score, and collect bananas or hover over cola cans to increase your energy.

Glowing green teleporters will also aid in moving you quickly back and forth through the level. Some levels also have checkpoints.

You have three minutes to complete the level by reaching the treasure at the end of it, where you'll be greeted by a great sound clip from the guys. The faster you do, the more coins you can collect!

But the points and coins collected in this game do a lot more than just put you on a leaderboard. If you can really master the game, you might earn enough points to get a Twitter follow from 26MGMT, one of the guys featured in the game, or even all four!

There are more than 70 levels in the game, and more are added every week.

By finishing each level, you can nab a high score and even get added as a friend by Cameron, Carter, Hayes or Nash in the app! They even shoutout the top scorers in the app and on Twitter! They guys have even made phone calls to fans who've scored big in the game!

In order to complete every level, you'll need to plan very wisely. You only have a limited number of lives!

Though more lives can be purchased with coins you score in-game, those will only last for so long. But you can also buy coins to keep playing, or enhance your gaming experience in other ways!

For example, you can use coins to buy different backgrounds and themes for your game, placing the four boys in space, the forest, a world of robots, zombie apocalypse and more!

Cash Dash is a free app that's great for diehard fans and casual gamers alike. Followers of the guys will be driven by incentives like the potential to get a Twitter follow from the guys, but anyone could enjoy the gameplay.

The game's animation is simple but effective. Even when the game gets hectic, it's still apparent what's going on, and the objective of the game is always clear.

Sometimes, the controls can get a bit tricky, and the slightest touch will send Cameron, Nash or the others in exactly the direction you don't want them to go. The game would benefit a bit from the use of a real game pad, but with time, controls can be mastered.

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