Tips and Tricks for Properly Taking Care of a Cast Iron Skillet

Cast iron skillets are a blessing and a curse.

They sear in so much flavor that anything you make is bound to taste amazing. But did you know there are rules to taking good care of your cast iron? Unlike other pots and pans in the kitchen, this product has a whole new set of rules.

Need some help? Keep reading for our tips and tricks on how to properly take care of a cast iron skillet:

NEVER Wash It With Soap

If you're new to the cast iron game and actually have no idea what you're doing, it might sound weird when we say to never wash it with soap. But trust us on this. By using soap—or god forbid putting it in the dishwasher— you will have completely ruined your skillet. Cast irons are special because they maintain a layer of polymerized oil from everything you've cooked, making everything taste that much better. With those layers of oil, your skillet will remain non-stick, and by adding soap, you've just killed your cast iron. We repeat—never wash it with soap!


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NEVER Soak It In Water

Sometimes when we cook, our dishes can be relatively difficult to clean. If food is stuck, for example, we typically soak it. With a cast iron, however, you are never to soak it in water. It will make your skillet rust and completely ruin it. Instead, the best way to clean your cast iron is with luke warm water and a gentle scrubber. Once you've cleaned it, make sure it's completely dried off.


DO Invest In Coarse Salt

If your gentle scrubber paired with water simply isn't getting the job done and there's still food residue on your cast iron, invest in coarse salt. Pour a few tablespoons of both olive oil and salt into the skillet and gently remove it with a paper towel. This should easily get the job done.


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DO Rub Olive Oil All Over It

Cast iron skillets love olive oil. Instead of soap, they require olive oil, so make sure you always have some on hand. After you've rinsed your skillet with a scrub or salt and dried it off, coat it with a single layer of olive oil. This will ensure it won't rust and that it will remain nonstick. Make sure not to overdo it. About one teaspoon should do the trick.


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