The Reason Behind This Family's 16-Hour Road Trip Will Warm Your Heart

Sometimes finding the perfect home just takes a little bit of luck.

For Joyce, an adorable resident of the Front Street Animal Shelter, that luck came in the form of a Facebook post.

For two months, Joyce had been patiently waiting at the Sacramento, California shelter to find her new family. However, her chance at a happy home seemed to be slipping away when the shelter announced that they had no more room for animals in their facilities.


In order to rescue their beloved residents, the shelter created a Facebook post encouraging anyone and everyone to adopt a pet. The news on the post made it all the way to British Columbia, Canada, where a loving family immediately decided that Joyce was the perfect addition to their happy home. They packed their bags and drove 16 hours to meet their new pup!

Click HERE to see the see more of Joyce's heartwarming story, including the moment she first meets her new family!


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