Cat Bath in the Sink- Video Pick Of the Day!

Cat bath in the sink!

This cat seems oddly okay with getting a cat bath. And we thought cats hated water!

Cats who dislike water tend to do so for one of three reasons. Water reminds cats of being caught in the rain during bad weather, being forced to bathe when they already believe they're clean, and being sprayed with water when they're bad.

Cats are constantly grooming themselves, so there's usually little reason to give cats a bath.

Historically, house cats haven't had to deal with rain, so they're not adapted to it. Even larger cat relatives, like lions and leopards, tend not to stay by the water for too long. It's where aggressive alligators and hippopotamuses live!

But one breed of cat LOVES water. It's the Turkish Van cat,  a long-haired breed of cat. They developed their affinity for water because in their native Turkey, temperatures would become unbearable in the summer, and the best way to deal with the heat was to take a dip in a lake!