Cat Exercise Routine – Video Pick Of the Day!

Cat exercise time! Pushups

Shorty and Kodi the cats were kind enough to volunteer to help their "dad" with this "cat exercise" workout routine. It's time for some meow-isthenics!

The video suggests a few easy ways to use your pet cat as resistance in simple exercises. Shorty, the big fluffy black cat, seems to offer a bit more resistance than the lean black-and-white kitten, Kodi.

Do you do any of these exercises? Then you could work out with a cat!

  1. Squat
  2. Chest press
  3. Lateral raise
  4. Bicep curl
  5. Squat press
  6. Front raise
  7. Push-up
  8. Skullcrushers
  9. Ab crunch

The average domestic cat weights 8 to 10 lbs. That's quite  bit of resistance for your workout! Do you think you'll  try cat exercise?