Follow These Cats on Instagram Right MEOW

Is your Instagram feed lacking in the cat department?

Have no fear, we're here to fix that problem. Scroll through our list below of the 11 felines you need to follow right meow.

Things are about to get hairy.


Insta handle: @pumpkinthepurrmachine

Why you should follow her: This little Golden British Shorthair has the strongest eyeliner game you will ever see. And it just so happens to be natural. To say we're jealous is an understatement. She's really the only beauty inspo you need on your feed, tbh.


Luna Rose

Happy Halloween ????

A photo posted by Luna Rose (@hello_luna_rose) on

Insta handle: @hello_luna_rose

Why you should follow her: Luna is a six-month-old Scottish Fold mix who's too precious for this world. Just look at those big, round eyes. How can you not want to scroll past them in your Insta feed every single day?



Insta handle: @willowthesquishycat

Why you should follow her: Willow was rescued from a breeder. With a squishy face you just want to kiss, we sure it wasn't too difficult for her owners to realize she was a keeper. Plus, no one can compete with her Halloween costume game.



come and hug me????

A photo posted by hanakitty????????ハナキティー (@hana__kitty) on

Insta handle: @hana__kitty

Why you should follow her: Hana is a 2-year-old Scottish Fold who resides in Japan. She's nothing short of a cuddle bug, so we want to give her all the hugs. One day, maybe?



Insta handle: @acatcalledkaren

Why you should follow him: This blue British Shorthair is incredibly rambunctious, so he's always getting into some sticky situations. You definitely do not want to miss any of his adventures, so get to following him ASAP.


Jack Jack

Insta handle: @theincrediblejackjack

Why you should follow him: Jack Jack is a red Maine Coon who can easily be described as a gentle giant. Have you ever seen a cat as big as him? We don't think so. 



Insta handle: @seniorscrappy

Why you should follow him: This 19-year-old feline was born with all-black fur, but due to vitiligo he developed his unique grey pattern. He's quite the charming old man, too.



Smoothie barely meows; she just stares at you like this when she wants something.

A photo posted by @smoothiethecat on

Insta handle: @smoothiethecat

Why you should follow her: Smoothie is a British Longhair who's easily the most gorgeous cat we've ever laid eyes on. From her striking green eyes to her impeccable fluffy fur, she's got it going on.



Hey girl. #catsofinstagram #orientalcat #ears #derp

A photo posted by Oleg The Oriental Cat (@olegspaghetti) on

Insta handle: @olegspaghetti

Why you should follow him: Quite the character, Oleg is a 9-year-old Oriental Shorthair who is sure to put a smile on your face with his silly facial expressions.



Fresh outta the oven???? #catloaf #throwbackthursday #tbt

A photo posted by Coby The Cat (@cobythecat) on

Insta handle: @cobythecat

Why you should follow him: Much like Pumpkin, British Shorthair Coby was also born with on-point eyeliner. His milky white fur and piercing blue eyes are what really drew us to this cutie. He's so pretty, we could stare at him for hours on end.



Insta handle: @sophie_the_model

Why you should follow her: Sophie is dead-set on undoing the stigma associated with black cats through her modeling career. Oh, and she's all sass. Seriously, her Insta captions are everything.


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