Cat Opens Five Doors to get Outside- Video Pick Of the Day!

Cats are pretty clever creatures. Watch as this cat opens FIVE doors to get outside! Have you ever seen anything like it?

Cat opens FIVE doors!

Cats apparently have  sensory-motor intelligence similar to a human child who is two years old. This means that cats adjust their behaviors depending on their environments, and learn new traits to adapt.

Based on their surroundings, they're able to predict what will happen next. For a long time, scientists thought that cats have no sense of object permanence, or the idea that objects still exist when you can't see them. This would explain why cats think you can't see them when they're crouching down- even when you easily can!

This cat, for example, seems aware that once he gets past the first door, he has four more doors to conquer before he can finally step outside. Who says that cats can't solve problems?