Cat Pillow Treadmill – Video Pick Of the Day!

Cat Pillow Treadmill

This cat seems has a great exercise routine. We think this cat pillow treadmill is an awesomely cheap alternative to a real pet treadmill!

The cat's interaction with this pillow is somewhat baffling. Cats tend to play with small, moving objects that mimic a cat's natural prey.

Play teaches a cat life lessons the cat can use if it ever has to fend for itself. But playing with a giant pillow? Not so much.

This cat seems to be engaging in something called "locomotor play." This includes any kind of play a cat does when he runs or jumps around!

While some cats are pretty lazy, other cats are determined to find ways to get moving any way they can, and this cat pillow treadmill seems like the perfect way to do that! It also keeps a restless cat from pacing the house at night and being a nuisance!

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