12 Signs You Might Have an Unhealthy Obsession With Your Cat

If you're reading this post, chances are you're already a cat lady. No shade, we are, too.

Felines are clearly your pet of choice, and you really can't imagine doing anything at home without your cute cat by your side—that includes sleeping, taking a bath, watching TV or eating a snack.

Cats are the best, but is your obsession with your kitty borderline obsessive? Find out by reading the signs below!

1. You Only Have Pictures of Your Cat on Your Phone

Forget taking selfies with your friends, you prefer selfies with your cat! One scroll through your camera roll and you'll probably only spot pics of your BFF (the cat, duh).


2. You Spend More Money on Cat Treats Than Your Own Lunch

Because, duh. Your cat loves the natural, organic salmon bites that cost a pretty penny, so you save your purchase splurges for the pet store.

3. People Stop Watching Your IG Stories and Snaps Because They Know It's Just Going to Be About Your Cat

You can't help it, your cat is the most interesting, cutest, greatest thing in your whole life.


4. When Your Cat Sleeps on Your Bed, You Sleep Around Him/Her

Getting your cat to sleep in your bed is the single greatest thing that can happen in a day. So when your kitty is snuggled up right in your spot, you better believe that you will sleep around him or her, even if it sacrifices your own good night's sleep.


5. You'd Rather Play With Your Cat Than Go Out With Friends

You can entertain your cat (and yourself) for hours on end with a feather or a laser pointer.


6. You Have a Serious Collection of Cat Clothes

And by cat clothes we mean clothes for yourself that have cats on them. And yes, you probably have a ton.


7. You Dress Your Kitty Up for Holidays

Because, obvs. You're thinking about possibly even doing a kitty holiday photoshoot this year.


8. You Don't Like Taking Family Trips Because You Can't Bring Your Cat Along

Who wants to go to Hawaii if they can't bring their BFF along? Not you! If you could bring your cat you'd obvs be down to go, if only for an epic shot like this:


9. You Follow More Cats Than People on Social Media

@Cats_of_instagram is by far your fave account, and your saved photos folder is chock-full of your funny faves.


10. You Take Your Cat on Walks

Why should dogs have all the fun?

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11. You Throw Your Cat a Birthday Party and Expect All Your Friends to Come

Your cat's birthday is the highlight of the year. If your friends skip out on your own party, it's cool, but if they disrespect your feline like that then they're done.


12. You Get Disappointed When Your Cat Doesn't Sleep With You

Sometimes your pet is finicky and doesn't want to cuddle, so you spend all night tapping the bed and making cozy cocoons just so your cat sleeps with you. No cat, no sleep.


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