What to Do When Your Parent Catches You Making Out

Exchanging kisses with the person you like is addicting and often dizzying. Why? It's fun!

Kissing is a natural progression in a relationship—a sign that it's moving forward. And sometimes, what began as a simple smooch can lead to a full-on makeout sesh. But what happens when you get caught by a parent? Here's what to do:

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Talk It Out:

Let's say your mom walked in on you and your S.O. making out. Once you get over the awkwardness, it's important to address that it happened. Some parents will completely avoid the topic, while others will forbid you from seeing them again. Whatever the case is, have a candid conversation and address that it actually happened. You don't want that sort of tension to linger around.


Let Them Know How You're Feeling:

Are you ashamed? Let your parent know why. Perhaps you haven't told them about this person yet or you've never discussed relationships with them before.

Do you find it funny that you were caught? Maybe you're in a situation where you can laugh it off.

Is it awkward? It probably is, and that's completely normal. It's weird when a parent catches you in an intimate situation, so be upfront with them.


Tell Them the Status of Your Relationship:

Most of the time, parents actually have great advice on dating and relationships. Go to them with your questions and doubts—they'll likely have insight into your situation.

Are you in the beginning stages of your relationship? Maybe you've just started dating or are simply hanging out. It's important to take it slow, so kissing is totally fine. Either way, it's best to be upfront with your parents, as hiding things from them will lead you down a dark path you want no part in.

If you've been seeing your S.O. for some time and your parents are on a first-name basis with them, it's nothing they weren't expecting. Remember to give them an update on your romantic life—they'll appreciate you keeping them in the loop, and they'll respect your honesty.


Be Open in the Future:

Chances are, if you'd been more open with your parents in the first place, you wouldn't have gotten caught making out. The more open your relationship is with them, the better for everyone. Your parents are probably constantly worrying about you, so assure them that you were totally comfortable in the situation and weren't pressured to do anything out of your will.


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