PREMIERE: CC Clarke Shares the 'Unconditional Love' That Inspired New Single 'Nothing I Won't Do'

It's no shock that the world loves CC Clarke.

The English singer-songwriter and YouTube guru has made a name for herself with relatable vlogs and stunning sense of style, and fans have also discovered she's got the voice of an angel. When we heard her latest single, the loving ballad "Nothing I Won't Do," we just knew we had to learn even more about it from CC herself.

We're actually premiering the song right here on Sweety High before it officially drops tomorrow, so check it out below and keep reading for our interview with CC on why being a mum is everything to CC, and what the song's gorgeous lyrics mean to her.

The Story Behind 'Nothing I Won't Do'

CC Clarke: Unconditional love inspired me to write it—and my two baby girls. I've experienced a lot of conditional "love" in my life and I wanted to write about loving and giving no matter what. There's nothing I won't do for those I love!



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What 'Nothing I Won't Do' Means

CCC: It's a full circle moment for me as this is now the third single that I've written and released whilst pregnant in the past two years. Following on from my last single "Back to you," I feel like I'm finally back with the people I love I'm back to being myself after the crazy emotional rollercoaster I've been on and now there's "nothing I won't do" to really protect what and who I love. I hope that those listening can feel a sense of security listening to it and know that they shouldn't settle for anything less that real love. And also I hope they love to dance to it !

CC Clarke close up of face with curls

(Image courtesy of CC Clarke)


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CC's Favorite Lyric

CCC: "Ain't no mountain high river wide enough, there's nothing I won't do." Not only does it speak for Itself, but it's such a nod to my old school roots when it comes to my soul influences.

CC Clarke in glamorousgold dress

(Image courtesy of CC Clarke)


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