All the Reasons Having a Celebrity Crush Is Better Than Having an IRL One

At one time or another, most of us have had a celebrity crush.

Even if you never get to meet the celeb of your dreams, they can have a major impact on your life. Here are all the reasons having a celeb crush is better than having an IRL crush.

You Don't Have to Play It Cool

When you're crushing on the class cutie, you might be able to share your feelings with a few close friends. Beyond that, it can feel like the risk is way too high that the person will find out.

But when you've got a celeb crush, you can literally wear that person on a T-shirt and no one will bat an eye. You can talk about that crush with pretty much anyone without fear that it will affect your relationship with the celeb in question. After all, when you like somebody, you want to let the whole world know.


Sharing Is Caring

Sharing a school crush with a friend can result in a lot of drama. It basically makes that person off-limits to both of you, and ignoring that rule might lead to jealousy and even a broken friendship. Not cool.

But there are few things better than sharing a celebrity crush with a friend. Admiring someone together means twice the fun, and that you'll always have an eager ear nearby when you feel like gushing about them, sharing brand new photos or revealing their latest news. Plus, you don't have to do all that digging up of news on your own.


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They're Always a Click Away

Missing your celeb crush? Google is chock full of pictures of them, and there are probably countless hours of your crush on YouTube to ponder over. There's pretty much always something new to discover.

If you share a class or an after-school activity with your school crush, the allotted time you get with them rarely feels like enough. Sure, you can hang out on your IRL crush's social media pages and constantly refresh, but after a while that can feel creepy. Plus, there are few things worse than accidentally double-tapping when you're a year deep in someone's Insta.



Regardless of the celeb you like, it's pretty much guaranteed that there's some kind of online community dedicated to them. Even if there are only a handful of people out there talking about your fave person, they're probably there gathering the latest news, photos and updates before you even knew about them. Fangirling en masse is so much better than doing it alone.


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The Fear of Rejection Is Minimal

Telling your IRL crush you like them is so hard because of the countless things that can seemingly go wrong. For whatever reason, never finding out if they like you back feels so much safer than outright rejection. And what if that knowledge affects your friendship?

On the wonderful off-chance that you do get to meet your celebrity crush, your hopes are never too high in the first place. Telling them you like them is pretty easy because they're a public figure—and to be honest, most people like them—and there's no pressure on them to accept or reject the fact that you like them. They only need to give a simple "thanks," and that can feel just as good as your school crush liking you back.


Their Successes Are Your Successes

When you're deep in a fandom, your community rallies around any accomplishments by your favorite celebrity. If they win an award or their latest work is topping the charts, everyone feels proud. It's thrilling when family members and classmates start bringing up that they heard your fave was in the news. Being a fan can be super rewarding.


There's No Commitment

Sometimes, celebrity crushes fade away over time. There's not much you can do to stop it, and over time you can grow to simply respect your former object of adoration. When that happens, moving on is pretty simple, and you can slowly phase out of seeing them all the time.

Moving on from your school crush can be tougher when you still have to see them around all the time. Must we be constantly reminded of the people we used to have crushes on?


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