Meet Tway Nguyen, Host of PEOPLE Magazine's New Celebrity TikTok Cooking Show, Celeb Eats

Tway Nguyen (also known as @twaydaebae on TikTok) is one of our favorite influencer chefs in the world, and her new show, Celeb Eats, is one you have to sink your teeth into.

The new series was made in collaboration between PEOPLE Magazine and Sweety High, and all of the episodes will air on PEOPLE's TikTok page. It features Tway recreating iconic dishes from all of the hottest actors, musical artists and personalities of our age. Curious about the series? Keep reading to find out more.

Meet Tway

If you're not already a megafan of chef and influencer Tway Nguyen, that's about to change. The Vietnamese-born chef moved to the U.S. in her youth, and actually had aspirations to become a nurse before she realized it was her true calling to cook for a living. She went to culinary school and honed her skills there, aspiring to start a restaurant to share her Vietnamese heritage and culture with the world through food.

In March of 2020, she posted her first cooking video online, showcasing a very yummy fried rice recipe in just 57 seconds and winning our hearts forever. The fact that the video has more than 1.3 million views is proof that we're not alone, and who can resist that chef's kiss at the end?

@twaydabaeQuick and easy ##friedrice ##recipe ##easyrecipe ##foodie ##food ##homecook ##howto ##howtocook♬ original sound – twaydabae

That video was just the start for Tway, who's now realized that she doesn't need to have her own restaurant to bring her food to the masses. Today, the TikTok sensation is also big on Instagram and YouTube with more than 1 million followers combined, and with her unparalleled cooking talents and vibrant, down-to-earth personality, she's earned every one. There's a good reason she's everyone'everyone's culinary chi hai (or big sister), and we can't wait to show you the way she brings these incredible celebrity dishes to life. 


Celeb Eats

In the new series Celeb Eats, Tway will be recreating famous celebrity dishes, putting them to the test to find out whether they deserve a chef's kiss of their own. She doesn't just show us how to make Kylie Jenner's French toast and Snoop Dogg's Spaghetto de la Hood, but also reveals whether they're Tway-approved—and if it's worth your time to try the recipe yourself at home.

In addition to the recipes mentioned above, she'll also be making Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's banana pancakes, Karreuche's shrimp tacos, Selena Gomez's spicy miso ramen, Tyler the Creator's waffles, Kris Jenner's brownies, Rihanna's mac & cheese and Taylor Swift's chai cookies.

And the very first episode, featuring Lizzo's vegan ice cream bread, is up now. Will Tway give Lizzo her signature chef's kiss, or will this loaf of bread fall flat? You'll just have to watch the episode to see for yourself:

@peopleThe ##Rumors are true, @twaydabae 's take on @lizzo 's vegan ice cream bread is 🔥 ##Lizzo ##veganrecipes ##CelebEats♬ original sound – People Magazine

Do you plan to follow along with every episode of Celeb Eats and make these recipes yourself at home along with Tway? We can't wait to find out!


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