Would You Eat A Pasta Version Of Harry Styles?

We've seen some pretty amazing fan tributes over the years, but you are in no way prepared for the ones you are about to see. These 11 food-based fan tributes combine our love of food and celebs into something that's out of this world, and they're  guaranteed to get your mouth watering.

A sushi roll inspired by 5SOS? We'll take a dozen, please!

We thought pasta couldn't get any more appetizing until we saw it used to recreate Harry Styles' perfect locks.

Harry Styles as a plate of pasta. His hair is made out of noodles. The plate is white and on a brown background.

(via MTV)

Taylor Swift's jelly bean portrait is just the "style" of sweet treats we like.

Taylor swift made out of jelly beans

(via Heather Hilbrink)

We wonder if Lady Gaga would rock a seaweed jumpsuit just like her rice ball replica. Actually, we're sure she would.

Lady Gaga made out of rice and seaweed. Her name is spelled out in ketchup. There are vegetables next to her.

(via Drama Fever)

Eddie Redmayne may have a tough time tackling fantastic beasts as a pancake.

Eddie Redmayne made as a pancake

(via YouTube)

We can't beliebe how delicious Justin Bieber looks as a pancake.

Justin Bieber as a pancake. He is wearing a hat and holding up a peace sign.

(via Delish)

Queen Bey still looks flawless when she's made out of licorice and gummy bears.

Beyonce made out of licorice and gummy bears.

(via Cristiam Ramos)

Katy Perry may love cats, but that doesn't make this cat food portrait any less bizarre.

Katy Perry made out of cat food.

(via Nathan Wyburn)

Ariana Grande's signature hair is captured so well with Cocoa Pebbles.

Ariana Grande made out of Fruity Pebbles and Cocoa Pebbles.

(via Pinterest)

The characters of Glee are perfectly captured in cookie form.

Glee characters made out of cookies.

(via Pinterest)

But nothing beats Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss made out of cake. WOW!

A life size replica of Katniss Everdeen made out of cake.

(via MTV)

Which celebrity food tribute left your stomach growling? Let us know in the comments below, Sweetys.