The Definitive List Of the Most Beautiful Celeb Lips!

What exactly defines a perfect pair of lips? Magazines tend to present a specific look, Photoshopped to "perfection," but we happen to know lips can look gorgeous in all shapes and sizes. These 14 stars may not all the look the same, but their unique lip looks are all envy-worthy!

Lorde jet-black lips are daring and unforgettable. If you're not obsessed, you're crazy.

Taylor Swift looks incredible even when she's not rocking that red lip classic thing that everyone likes.

Solange Knowles' full lips are fierce and flawless in red.

Elle Fanning's signature pale pink is always the perfect complement to her classic style.

Cher Lloyd's smirk just wouldn't be the same without those lips!

Cara Delevingne may be famous for her eyebrows, but her pout is just as instantly recognizable.

We love that it's tough to catch Emma Watson without a hint of a smile on her lips.

FKA Twigs always makes a bold statement with her lip color, adding even more flair to her unique look.

Kristen Bell is proof you don't need a full pair of lips to look totally stunning.

Becky G's go-to glossed lip is the perfect frame for that smile!

Demi Lovato has stunning lips, whether they're totally natural or painted in dark shades.

The gorgeous and confident Jazz Jennings also has totally perfect lips!

Camila Cabello's full lips are just as key to her trademark look as her giant bows!

Last but not least, Miranda Sings clearly has the BEST lips around.

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