Niall Horan Has Some Serious Photobomb Skills

Of all the fancy editing tools and photo filters out there, none of them come close to making a picture as epic as possible than a good old fashioned photobomb. Celebs like Jennifer Lawrence and Taylor Swift can totally attest to this. Check out our list of 12 celeb photobombs that are more amazing than the invention of the Internet.

A band that photobombs together stays together. Isn't that right, The Vamps?

The British band The Vamps is photobombing a white female actress who is wearing a skin tight green dress.

(via Sugarscape)

Joe Jonas pulled the greatest face photobombing Demi Lovato and Nick Jonas.

Demi Lovato and Nick Jonas are smiling for the camera while Joe Jonas is photobombing their picture by pulling a silly face.

(via Buzznett)

Taylor Swift somehow found a way to make photobombing look super cute!

Taylor Swift is in a yellow dress photobombing Keith Urban and a fan.

(via Smosh)

How could anyone forget this little gem from Justin Bieber featuring Katy Perry?

Katy Perry is with Russel Brand posing for a photo while Justin Bieber is photobombing them in his glasses.

(via E! Online)

As if we needed another reason to love Liam Hemsworth.

Jeff Goldblum is posing in front of an airplane while Liam Hemsworth is photobombing him in the background.

(via EW)

No one could ever come close to Kelly Clarkson's photobomb of Ellen Degeneres.

Ellen Degeneres and Portia de Rossi are posing for a photo in their all black attire while Kelly Clarkson is photobombing the couple from behind with a huge smile on her face as she points to the pair.

(via zap2it)

Or Jennifer Lawrence's either. We bow down to the queen!

Taylor Swift is being interviewed at the Golden Globes by Ryan Seacrest while Jennifer Lawrence is walking up the stairs behind her and pulling a funny face.

(via E! Online)

Oh Cara Delevingne, you are so fierce!

Sienna Miller is walking the red carpet of the Met Gala in a studded leather jacket while Cara Delevingne is standing behind her with her tongue out.

(via WPXI)

Even Andrew Garfield isn't safe from Emma Stone's photobomb action.

Andrew Garfield and friends are posing on a red carpet while Emma Stone is making a silly face in the background.

(via People)

Let's talk about how Louis Tomlinson pulled off this photobomb on LIVE TV.

Louis Tomlinson is photobombing Khole Kardashian and Mario Lopez live on the X Factor finale red carpet.

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We would not be mad if Niall Horan photobombed our pic with Harry Styles.

A fan is posing for a photo with Harry Styles backstage and Niall Horan is photobombing in the back.

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We spy with our little eye Calum Hood perfectly photobombing a fan's pic with Michael Clifford.

Michael Clifford is posing for a picture with a fan while Calum Hood is popping his head up in the background.

(via Twitter)

Which celeb would you take photobomb lessons from? Let us know in the comments.