All the Reasons You Should Celebrate the Astrological New Year

Have you ever felt a bit underwhelmed by the renewing energy of the New Year come Jan. 1?

While that time might make some feel rejuvenated and refreshed, it leaves others feeling like they've been left in the cold. If that's the case for you, you may be better off celebrating the astrological New Year, instead. Rather than beginning with January, it instead kicks off along with the season of Aries, the first sign of the zodiac. If you're curious, keep reading to find out why you should celebrate the astrological New Year this year on March 19.

The Aries Season Energy Is Just Right

The very start of Aries season marks the astrological New Year, getting the year off on precisely the right foot. That's because Aries is a bold sign with strong leadership skills, motivation and confidence. Those born under this sign are known for their ability to stand up for what's right and jumpstart anything they set their minds to, and their season is said to be very conducive to that kind of energy. For many, this type of thinking is much more empowering than the hard-working but slightly stuffy and traditional energy of Capricorn season, while ushers in the traditional New Year in January.


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Resolutions Make More Sense in Aries Season

Aries is the sign most closely tied to a celebration and improvement of the physical self, making its season the perfect time for self-betterment. Whether you're eager to start working out, eating more healthily or cutting out stuff that's bad for you, those elements of your life are all ruled by Aries. The same goes for whether your resolution is about what you need in life and who you want to be. Aries is also a self-starting sign, so you may feel more likely to actually get up and do something tied to your astrological New Year resolution. Those feelings of renewal may be more lasting, meaning that resolution will actually stick. Especially if you're practicing social distancing right now, that means making strides toward being your best self while being supported by the energy of the season.


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It Coincides With the Spring Equinox

It's never made sense to us that the New Year falls after the winter solstice, the longest and darkest night of the year. To us, it makes so much more sense for the New Year to coincide with the rebirth associated with springtime, and the astrological New Year just so happens to fall on the spring equinox every year because of the way the signs are divided up. When spring arrives, the earth is brimming with new life as flowers bloom and birds start chirping. There's more daylight, and the weather is brighter and warmer. That feels like a New Year to us.


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It's International Astrology Day

As if you needed additional reasons to celebrate, the astrological New Year is also International Astrology Day. Whether you do a deep dive into the movements in your chart every day or occasionally look at a daily horoscope, astrology has probably added some kind of value to your life. With practitioners and enthusiasts participating around the world, you'll definitely be in good company.


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