5 Ways to Celebrate a Capricorn on Their Birthday

When it comes to celebrating the special Capricorn in your life on their birthday, not any old festivities will do.

Whether you're planning a party for them or simply buying a gift, you'll want to select something for them that will appeal to their intellects and their unique sense of self. If you need help, keep reading for a few handy tips.

Leave the Holiday Season Out of It

Most Capricorns don't exactly love that their birthdays line up so closely with the holiday season. December Caps often find that their celebrations are lumped in with holiday festivities, while January ones are fatigued by the time their birthdays roll around. For their happiness and sanity, leave out any decorations or foods that even hint at the holidays in order to make their birthday celebration feel like their own special time.

In fact, you should go all out to make this Capricorn birthday feel one-of-a-kind. Try creating fancy invites and sending them out to all their friends, and making handmade decorations to make the day feel anything but ordinary. When it comes to gifting, you can even ask if there was anything from their wish list that they didn't receive. That way, you can ensure they're not forgotten.


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Treat Them to a Masterpiece

Capricorns are known for being thoughtful, intelligent and appreciative of fine things, making museums the ideal place to take them for an enriching birthday outing. Chances are, they'll be able to spend hours admiring the artwork and learning the vibrant history behind each piece, and the fact that they'll leave the place knowing more than when they walked in will make it a moment to remember. Pay special attention to the works that capture their gaze. You might just find a postcard of the piece in the gift shop, allowing them to take their favorite piece of art home with them.


Make Them the Star of Game Night

A Capricorn loves to win, and organizing a special birthday game night for them, surrounded by those who care about them most, will give them a chance to flex their competitive muscles in a loving environment. It's an opportunity to let them shine and demonstrate just how capable they truly are with low stakes. You can even conspire with the others to let them win on their big day—but don't you dare let them find out about it. Once they've wiped the floor with everyone, let them take the game home as a prize.


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Explore a Used Book Shop Together

Though a trip to an antique bookstore might sound like a bore to some people, knowledge-seeking Capricorns will see it as an adventure. They're passionate about their ever-growing wisdom, and are one of the zodiac signs most likely to be bookworms. While they're sure to get some enjoyment out of visiting a big chain shop, they'll be even more appreciative if they can explore a shop packed with unusual old books. Not only will the place have more charm and character, but it'll be filled with fascinating and obscure finds they probably won't be able to track down anywhere else. Set a gift budget, and you might be surprised how many interesting books they'll be able to take home.


Empower Them to Pursue Their Hobbies

Chances are, you already know a thing or two about the hobbies and interests your Capricorn friend is especially enthusiastic about. If you're at a loss when it comes to buying their perfect gift, don't be afraid to ask them for the specifics. Bring up their passions and ask if there's anything they need that might help them take their interest to the next level. After all, Caps can be really particular, and you won't necessarily be doing them a favor by getting them something you think they need. You might think it's particularly special to get them a gift from the heart, they'll appreciate your thoughtfulness, and would much rather get exactly what they want and need than something that's nearly right.


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