Celebrate International Museum Day with Sweety High!

It's that time of year again! Celebrate International Museum Day with Sweety High by creating an account at sweetyhigh.com and sharing your favorite museum pics!

International Museum Day was founded in 1977 by the International Council of Museums. The day aims to raise awareness about the importance of museums to society.

Celebrate International Museum Day with Sweety High!

Every year, the holiday has a specific theme about the importance of museums. This year it's Museums (Memory + Creativity) = Social Change. It highlights the positive influence that museums have on society as a whole through teaching new generations about art, history, and science.

This year, nearly 30,000 museums in more than 120 countries are participating and creating organized activities for their patrons.

For example, the Florida Museum of Natural History is offering free admission to their temporary exhibit about the largest snake in the world. It was called  Titanoboa cerrejonensis, and was over 48 feet long! We wished we lived in the area and could go see that!

Contact your local museum and see if they're doing anything special to commemorate the day, or check out this link to see if a museum near you is participating!

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