Would You Go To A Camp Where Demi Lovato Is A Counselor?

There's no summer activity more exciting than getting to go to camp with your BFFs. And having just the right camp counselor can totally make or break your summer camp experience. If only celebs like Willow Smith and Demi Lovato were camp counselors. But we can dream, can't we?

We're pretty sure Willow Smith would be the best arts and crafts counselor ever! With such a creative personality, she'd def come up with some crazy art projects to do. Face painting anyone?

Becoming one with nature is vital to enjoying camp to the fullest extent. Lucy Hale could totally help make that happen. Being an avid explorer and having spent most of her life running from 'A', Lucy would guide you on some seriously stellar hikes. You'd completely forget you're even exercising!

Demi Lovato is just the girl to keep you cool for the summer (sorry, not sorry about that joke)! She's all about letting loose and having fun by the pool with her squad. There's no way you'd be playing a boring old game of Marco Polo with Demi around.

There's no camp activity more classic than roasting s'mores and singing campfire songs. So, duh, Sabrina Carpenter would be the best at leading a campfire singalong!

We can't think of anyone better than Bella Thorne to be your theater arts counselor. She's made us laugh, cry and even scream while watching her fab acting chops at work. Bella would get the best performance out of you, leaving your fellow camp goers starting a petition to get you an Oscar.


Which celeb do you think would make the best camp counselor? Tell us in the comments down below.