More Of Our Celebrity Halloween Favorites From 2014!

Yesterday, we shared some of our favorite Halloween costumes from last week. View that post here! Today, we're back with even more incredible costumes.halloween 2014 anthony ladao ariana grande cimorelli

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Anthony Ladao of Midnight Red pulled off a very convincing Johnny Depp outfit!anthony ladao midnight red halloween johnny depp

Ariana Grande sported some spooky vampire fangs for Halloween!ariana grande halloween

A few of the Cimorelli sisters took a photo with family and friends! What do you think of Amy as Hermione, Dani as Wednesday Addams, Katherine as Mary Poppins and Lauren as a bank robber?cimorelli halloween hermione wednesday mary poppins robber

Dog With A Blog star Francesca Capaldi went trick-or-treating as the Queen of Hearts!


Kendall Schmidt dressed like a zombie and did some hilarious Vines, never breaking character!

Peyton List dressed as a princess and rode Disney's Space Mountain, along with a hamburger and hot dog!peyton list princess space mountain halloween

Little Mix star Jade Thirlwall got into character as Napoleon Dynamite!jade thirwall napoleon dynamite halloween

Midnight Red's Colton Rudloff dressed like Justin Bieber!colton rudloff haloween justin bieber

Sarah Gilman and a friend were Scar and Mufasa from The Lion King!


A photo posted by Sarah Gilman (@sarahgilman18) on


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